The days are now gone and over. We have all survived the tsunami, the spicy food, the street dogs and the nauseating heat. For some it is time to return to the arms of loved ones back home and to witness the unfolding Spring. However, for most it is the start of new adventures, new stories, new experiences and new travels. By now both classes have received their exam questions so there will still be an annoying pinch of concentration and studying in the week(s) to come. But these will be over soon. All 70 of us or so are extremely grateful for the intriguing knowledge learnt, the contemporary facebook friends and the fresh close friends scattered about in both India and in Europe.

Below are some snapshots by Camilla Anderson from one of the parties we have organized at Satsanga.

Many of the students are and have been blogging on their own blogs. So if you want to read some alternative bloggers whom have described their stay in Pondicherry with KulturStudier and will most likely blog regarding their travels, then there are two great ones to choose from below. There are many more I am sure, however, these were the only two I could get my hands on during these chaotic last days.

Jedi Anniken Randem: The Bear Bjørn Zäll:

I can definitely recommend this course. You have to remember that it is one’s own intuition and enthusiasm which will shape the course for yourself. Students have had countless of roof-top parties, organized trips to misty hill stations and big metropolitan cities, engaged in various activities, practiced yoga at dawns light, done challenging field work for their papers, met and made local friends and so forth.

I have even met two different Norwegian individuals whom are both ex.

Kulturstudier students. One was a man at a club in Pondi and he had been with Kulturstudier six years ago. The other was a young lady whom joined us at our farewell party at Kailash, and she had been with Kulturstudier four years ago. Both Pondicherry and Kulturstudier has left such positive impressions on them that they have come back, and I am sure many from this course will do that as well.

Towards the end we were invited to go on a pilgrimage. Unfortunately I do not have the full details of specifications of the event other than it is called the Girivalam path and occurs every Full Moon, 14 or 15 km or so around a Mountain and attended by millions all night long.

Very impressive and exhausting!

Almost done!